Our Practices

Our Factories

Since our beginning, we have been committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing and supporting local communities. We produce our garments in small, family-owned and operated factories based in Indonesia, Hong Kong and South China, where we ensure modern and ethical practices are employed.

We have developed meaningful relationships with our factories to ensure we remain deeply connected with how our pieces are produced. 

Our Indonesian factories are based on the island of Bali and employ artisan craftsmen who are committed to producing high-quality garments. All sewers are skilled professionals who work in a safe environment and are paid fairly for their work. 

Our Hong Kong and China factories are members of Sedex, a global membership platform that allows members to store, share and report on their ethical performance, including labour standards, health and safety, environmental and business ethics. These factories participate in an annual Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) to ensure their standards are upheld. Both factories have a 100% pass rate.  In addition, all employees receive holiday and sick pay, and insurance cover.


Fabrics & Materials

HANDSOM is a brand built on considered design and a steadfast commitment to utilising high-quality, cruelty-free and sustainable materials. 

Our fabrics are sourced from a handful of reputable mills, who we have been working with for several years, located in Asia and Europe.

The small-scale of our production ensures we minimise waste, allowing us to take advantage of dead-stock fabrics and ends of rolls. Where possible, we aim to use organic and or recycled fabrics, and incorporate sustainable materials such as bamboo and lyocell (in the form of Tencel), into our collections.

Our knitwear is made from pure merino wool and / or wool-cashmere blends. These yarns are sourced from cruelty-free, sustainable farms located in Australia, New Zealand and Mongolia who are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. 

We do not source or use animal fibres obtained by live plucking or skinning, and no animals are harmed to produce any of our products. Any animal fibres used in HANDSOM garments are responsibly harvested by clipping, shearing and natural shedding.

For detailed recommendations on how to best care for specific fabrics – and therefore prolong the life of your garments – please visit our Fabric & Care Guide.



We have an ongoing commitment to minimise our environmental impact. Some examples of our current operational practices are as follows:

  • To reduce single-use plastic, we utilise biodegradable packaging, made from corn starch, for transportation of our garments from our factories to Melbourne;
  • Where possible, we avoid air freight and ship our pieces via sea cargo to reduce carbon emissions;
  • We make every effort to dispose of any unavoidable waste in an environmentally friendly way;
  • All online orders are posted in compostable mailing satchels; and
  • Once purchased by our customers, all garments are protected for transport with re-usable cotton bags or un-coated recyclable paper bags.


Should you have any further questions, or wish to learn more about our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.